A trusted supplier of quality ingredients

CHS produces a range of food and animal feed ingredients using soybeans, sunflowers, canola and other crops grown by our farmer-owners. Through our processing platform, which includes soybean and canola crushing and refining facilities, as well as animal feed mills, CHS works with growers to turn crops into high-quality ingredients and provide customers with a consistent, year-round supply.

Grain processing


We produce crude and refined canola oil and high-protein canola meal at our processing and refining facility near Hallock, Minn.


We convert corn into high-quality ethanol at our ethanol facilities in Illinois and market it through our Cenex® brand gasoline. We also produce corn oil at Annawan, Ill., which is used in biodiesel production.

Dry edible beans

We help growers process, package and deliver 10 varieties of dry edible beans to markets in California and Central and South America.

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We produce soybean oil, flour and meal for global food companies. Our trusted brands include Honeysoy® and Savorysoy®. We also produce PlastiSoy® epoxidized soy oil, used in food wrap and medical applications.


We export sunflower products to Spain, Greece, Poland and Israel and supply ingredients to nationally known snack brands.

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We supply durum wheat to Ardent Mills, a flour milling company and joint venture between CHS, Cargill and ConAgra Foods.

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Ardent Mills

A joint venture between CHS, Cargill and Conagra Brands, Ardent Mills is committed to delivering innovative and nutritious ingredients, including traditional and organic flours and ancient grains. As North America’s leading flour supplier, Ardent Mills has more than 40 flour mills and blending facilities in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico.

Ventura Foods

A joint venture between CHS and Mitsui & Co., Ventura Foods is a leading producer of oils, dressings, sauces, mayonnaises and margarines for foodservice and retail consumers in more than 60 countries. Using soy oil refined at CHS processing facilities, Ventura Foods creates quality products, including Dean’s Dips®, Marie’s® salad dressings and dips, and LouAna® peanut oil.

Processing platform

CHS produces a variety of food and feed ingredients for customers around the world. We are a leader in soybean and canola processing and refine more than 1.7 billion pounds of soybean oil and process 21 million bushels of canola seed each year at our crushing and refining facilities in Minnesota. From refined soybean oil to high-protein canola meal, we are committed to helping our producers find new markets and uses for their grain and oilseeds.

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Animal nutrition

CHS offers a broad range of animal nutrition products at more than 650 retail locations across the United States. Our proprietary, high-quality feeds are produced at our wholly owned and joint-venture feed mills throughout the United States.


Our custom-formulated Payback® feeds for beef, dairy, sheep, swine, goats and poultry deliver consistent results that give ranchers and farmers a profit edge.

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Our Equis® line of advanced-nutrition feed provides horses from miniature to draft breeds with highly digestible ingredients that support wellness and immune balance.

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CHS pet food brand Rancher’s Choice® offers high-quality protein sources, vitamins and minerals, and soy-free formulas to keep your pet healthy.

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CHS pet food brand Country Vet® offers high-quality, highly digestible formulas that have been painstakingly perfected in our Sioux City, Iowa, plant.

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Global grain expertise

CHS markets more than 52 million metric tons of grains and oilseeds in more than 65 countries annually.

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