Business partners

CHS Strategic Sourcing and Procurement selects preferred and approved suppliers that support and work collaboratively with our businesses to deliver the greatest benefit to our organization while aligning with our values.

Supplier FAQS

To be considered:

Potential suppliers may need to undergo a due diligence process.

Comply with CHS Inc. terms and conditions for goods and services

CHS Preferred Supplier program has three distinct categories:

Strategic Supplier – Suppliers critical to the success of CHS. This small group of suppliers provide strategic leadership, innovation and creativity to advance the goals of CHS.

Preferred Supplier – Suppliers with which CHS has entered into specific agreements in specific supply categories detailing volume discounts, delivery commitments and other key elements that sets these suppliers apart from approved suppliers. Preferred suppliers are generally the first call for products and services.

Approved Supplier – Suppliers approved for doing business with CHS in the general course of doing business. Approved suppliers are the second or third in line for products or services.

CHS is committed to supporting small business, minority--owned, veteran-owned, disabled and women-owned businesses. Potential suppliers will be asked to self-declare business classification. CHS reports this data as part of compliance process to appropriate reporting agencies. If you identify as a particular class of suppliers, you will be asked to submit appropriate certification with your completed questionnaire as part of the qualification process.

  • CHS Strategic Sourcing and Procurement regularly reviews our supplier base and partnerships. Key categories currently undergo an annual assessment for performance, capabilities, and operational needs for the enterprise. 

CHS uses an e-procurement tool called Coupa

  • What is Coupa
     Coupa is an industry leading e-procurement tool used to help improve the usability, visibility and accuracy of the P2P process for indirect spend. 
     Coupa is free and easy to use for our suppliers

  • Is Coupa being used by all of CHS Inc.?
     No. The first phase of Coupa includes Corporate, PFI, Grain Marketing, and select Country Operations locations. Future deployments are still being finalized and will be communicated appropriately.  

  • How do suppliers get access to Coupa?
     If you are a new supplier, please follow the qualification process and CHS Strategic Sourcing will determine if you should be using Coupa
     If you are an existing supplier, you can contact CHS Strategic Sourcing with your company information and current business with CHS for direction on Coupa use

Supplier expectations

The CHS Business Partner Code of Conduct explains the standards of doing business in an ethical and legally compliant manner and applies to third-party partners who conduct business with or on behalf of CHS. Business partners are important contributors to helping CHS achieve and maintain its commitment of doing the right thing. For more information about becoming a partner with CHS, contact:

CHS Acceptable Use: Provides you with the requirements for the acceptable use of CHS technology and information resources.

The ability to do the right thing begins with knowing when and how to raise a concern. At CHS, we seek relationships that act ethically in practice and aspire to the highest standards of integrity in their business dealings. This includes refraining from any form of illegal activity, violations of the CHS Code of Conduct or CHS Business Partner Code of Conduct, and any applicable Compliance Policy. We expect our partners to raise any concerns and report the known or suspected violation by contacting:

Compliance and Integrity email:
CHS Compliance and Integrity Helpline Website:
CHS Compliance and Integrity Helpline Phone Number: 888-264-0995