Cenex® brand awards Hometown Pride grant to support athletes impacted by physical and mental disabilities

Boy in wheelchair prepares to catch basketball

Prairie Grit has helped more than 300 people impacted by mental and physical disabilities to participate in everything from gymnastics and golf to hunting and more.

Aug 10, 2023

Prairie Grit Adaptive Sports, a nonprofit based in Minot, N.D., has been selected as the next recipient of a $25,000 Hometown Pride grant, presented by the Cenex® brand and Pinnacle Cooperative.

The organization was nominated for its commitment to building more inclusive community connections and enhancing the lives of those who are differently abled. The Minot-based nonprofit creates opportunities for children and adults with a wide range of abilities to participate in sports activities through adaptive tools and programming, removing the barriers that can make it difficult to play or engage within their community.

"Prairie Grit Adaptive Sports is about so much more than sports. The opportunities we're creating are a ton of fun for our players, but these activities also provide important physical and mental health benefits, like improved self-esteem, social skills, increased range of motion, strength, endurance, and more," says Krystal Butgereit, executive director of Prairie Grit Adaptive Sports.

"These are the skills that open doors and build relationships, creating connections in our community. That's why we're so grateful this Hometown Pride grant can help us make an even greater impact."

Since its founding in 2016, Prairie Grit has helped support over 300 participants in cities across the state, from Minot and Grand Forks to Fargo and Bismarck. The organization has helped participants as young as three years old impacted by cerebral palsy, spinal cord injuries, spina bifida, Down syndrome, autism, amputations and more to participate in everything from gymnastics, to golf, hunting and more.

Additionally, the organization has worked with nearly 600 community volunteers, who assist in facilitating a wide range of the organization's adaptive programs.

As Prairie Grit's programs continue to grow, there is a need for more equipment for new community members to participate. With the help of the $25,000 Hometown Pride grant, the organization will be able to purchase additional sports wheelchairs, eliminating the high financial burden for those unable to participate without adaptive equipment.

The wheelchairs will also be instrumental in the organization's work to promote disability and inclusiveness in local schools where Prairie Grit helps students experience and understand the daily challenges that can impact those with a disability.

Through the Hometown Pride grant initiative, Cenex has continuously influenced positive change and fostered community connection across the brand's footprint. To date, Cenex has invested over $475,000 in local organizations since the program began in 2019. With each $25,000 grant, Cenex communities are strengthened through new opportunities to create lasting bonds and resources for the betterment of their hometowns.

"The Cenex brand takes great pride in the contributions it's provided to the local communities it serves," says Sarah Haugen, marketing communications director at CHS. "By partnering with our network of dealers to advocate for organizations like Prairie Grit Adaptive Sports, we're honored to have a part in supporting the community leaders and organizations that make our local communities so special."